Check out AUs 1st bilingual radio scholarship! Great opportunity for fluent Indonesian speakers interested in media
about 4 days ago | @ACICIS

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ACICIS Agriculture Semester Program Pilot

New Colombo Plan produces new crop of Indonesia-literate Australian agriculture graduates PERTH – 22 December 2016. A national program has been launched to encourage Australian agriculture students to spend a semester of their undergraduate studies [...]

ACICIS Semester Programs: January 2017 Intake (Semester 44)

ACICIS Study Indonesia is excited to announce the student intake numbers for our January 2017 semester programs. ACICIS will send 64 students from nineteen Australian universities to participate in six ACICIS semester programs in the first half of [...]

ACICIS Practicum Programs: January 2017 Intake

In January 2017 ACICIS will welcome 110 students from twenty two Australian/NZ universities to participate in the four ACICIS Practicum Programs. Of the 110 students undertaking study in Indonesia through ACICIS in January/February 2017,  80 are doing [...]

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Application deadline for 2017 ACICIS programs is 1 October 2016

$3,000 – $6,000 New Colombo Plan Grants are available to support students undertaking ACICIS programs in 2017.

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