Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum

Marina Sokolova was a participant in the 2020 Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum from La Trobe University. Marina is studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Tourism and Hospitality.

Q: Why did you decide to undertake this ACICIS Professional Practicum?

ACICIS practicum sounded like a perfect opportunity to explore the culture and life of Bali island from the inside and get rid of touristic stereotypes. In addition, this program was a good chance to invest my free time during summer holidays in self-development and education.

Q: Did you receive a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant? 

No, I did not receive a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant, but I received Scholarship from my home university which helped me to pay my accommodation fees during the whole program.

Q: How will the Professional Practicum benefit or influence your future career?

Professional Practicum introduced me to the challenging hotel industry and helped me to get the knowledge about hotel operations as well as to work in the multicultural environment.

Q: Which organisation are you interning with? What are your roles and responsibilities?

Bhuwana Ubud Hotel and Farming was my workplace for one month where I took the role and responsibilities of the marketing manager. During my internship I reorganised the social media platform for the hotel. In addition, I taught English and hospitality lessons for the hotel employees.

Q: How have you found the work culture of your host organisation? How is it different to work experience in Australia?

The work culture in Bali is completely different from the Australian one as Balinese tend to be shy and less open for the new people in their everyday work routine. It takes a lot of efforts to become more friendly with them and to make them speak up about their problems and issues at the workplace.

Q: Would you like to return to work in Indonesia again in future?


Q: What do you like to do in your spare time in Indonesia?

As I was placed in Ubud for my placement, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to take up yoga and meditation lessons. It was a life time experience.

Q: Favourite place to eat? Favourite Indonesian food?

I have several favourite places to eat in Bali – Clear Café, Bali Budha. My favourite Indonesian food is tempeh!!

Q: Favourite Indonesian word/phrase?

Bagus, Maaf sekali, mie goreng.

Q: What places in Indonesia have you visited during your practicum so far?

I have visited Uluwatu temple, Green School, Tegalang Rice fields, Campurah Walk, Kampur Waterfall, Saraswathi temple.