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Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum

Lauren Paterson is a participant in the 2018 Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum from the University of New South Wales. Lauren is studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) majoring in Photomedia. Lauren received a $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to support her participation in this program.

Q: Why did you decide to undertake ACICIS’ Creative Arts & Design Professional Practicum?

I thought it would be a great cultural experience to study and work within a different culture. There is much we can show them and there is much they can show us.

Q: How will the Creative Arts & Design Professional Practicum benefit or influence your future career?

The practicum has benefited me in the way of networking and connections. It is important to see what other art is out there, and see how people collaborate internationally in their creative projects.

 Q: Which organisation did you intern with? What were your roles and responsibilities?

I am interning at the Indonesian Visual Art Archive, Yogyakarta and I am placed on the documentation team. My responsibilities include photographing, filming and editing footage of local art events.

Q: How is the work culture of your host organisation different to work experience you have had in Australia?

The difference between work culture here and back home in Australia is working hours, the social aspect and not really having a strict schedule but rather independently working on whatever is relevant.

Q: Would you like to return to work in Indonesia again in future?

I would, given the right circumstances. This has been an eye-opening experience and I believe the culture has a lot more to offer.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time in Indonesia?

Take photos of the street culture, socialise in local bars and coffee shops and visit natural sites like waterfalls and rice fields.

Q: Favourite place to eat and favourite Indonesian food?

Milas Vegetarian Resturant in Yogyakarta was my favourite place to eat. My favourite foods have been mi goreng and pisang goreng.

Q: Favourite Indonesian word/phrase?


Q. What places in Indonesia have you visited during your practicum so far?

Jakarta, Pramuka Island (on a Thousand Islands trip) Yogyakarta, Sleman, and Bantul.