Indonesian Language Short Course

Catherine Pagliaro from Monash University undertook the Indonesian Language Short Course at Satya Wacana University in Salatiga in 2019.

Q: Why did you decide to undertake ACICIS’ Indonesian Language Short Course?

I decided to undertake ILSC to learn some basic Bahasa Indonesia prior to my semester exchange program (ACICIS IRP) in Bandung. I wanted to ensure that I could undertake basic tasks such as buying produce at the market, without relying on English.

Q: What do you find to be the most challenging about the ILSC?

The pace of the ILSC was, as the name suggests, intense! At a minimum, I feel I have learnt a semester’s worth of content in 3 weeks. However, this made my grasp of the content all the more rewarding!

Q: How will your proficiency in Indonesian Language gained through the Indonesian Language Short Course influence your future career or study?

I feel more confident that I will be able to live in Bandung and explore other parts of Java, using Indonesian, as opposed to purely English. The ILSC has inspired me to continue learning and practicing Bahasa Indonesia so as to deepen my cultural immersion in this amazing country!

Q: Would you like to return to Indonesia for future study or work?

Potentially, yes.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about the course?

I really enjoyed interacting with such a diverse range of people because everyone had such interesting stories to share – my fellow ACICIS students, the ACICIS and LTC staff, my home-stay family, my Indonesian friends, the Angkota drivers and the many Indonesians I encountered through my explorations of Central Java. As each day passed, I also became more confident to
practice my Bahasa with these people!

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time in Salatiga?

I enjoyed going for walks around the rice paddy near my home-stay, hanging out in cafes, getting lost while wandering the streets, and exploring Central Java on the weekends!

Q: What is your favourite Indonesian food? 

MARTABAK! It’s so bad, but soooooo good! Sharing a martabak with friends was the perfect way to end each week!

Q: What is your favourite Indonesian phrase?