What Students Did, Thought & Their Feedback


Anonymous respondent in the Student Feedback Survey

In January and February 2024, ACICIS welcomed 7 participants to the Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum (STPP) Program Summer 2024. This program provided them with hands-on experience in the field of sustainable tourism and allowed them to gain practical knowledge about the industry. Most of the students received $4,000 New Colombo Plan mobility grants, which made their participation more accessible. You can read the full summary here.

Upon completing their program in Indonesia, ACICIS students are invited to provide anonymous feedback through a survey to share insights into their ACICIS experience.

All STPP Summer 2024 students were contacted, and a response was received from 86% of the participants, totaling 6 out of 7 students.

With this participation rate, the survey is considered both relevant and sufficiently representative of the sentiments and perspectives of the student cohort.

100 % of respondents said they would recommend ACICIS’ Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum to other students at their university!

Chek out below the posts from Ebony Eden, one of the ACICIS’ Social Media Ambassadors from RMIT University. During her placement at ViaVia Travel and Tourism, Ebony and other STPP students worked together to launch a new sustainable tour of Bagelen!  She also participated in a batik making class during her program. Click the images below to catch a glimpse of the rich cultural experiences you may get at Omah Bagelen in Yogyakarta and to join the fun they had during the batik making class!

Take a moment to see  Kimberley Wooldridge’s (Griffith University) thoughtful reflections and experiences during her STPP program in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Click on the image below:

Kimberley Wooldridge is a student from the Griffith University. Kimberley is studying Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management. Read her profile here.

We look forward to the next iteration of the Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum (STPP) in January 2025!

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the secretariat at enquiries@acicis.edu.au or on (08) 6488 6675.

The ACICIS Study Indonesia Team