What Students Did, Thought & Their Feedback

“A great way to experience authentic Indonesian culture and progress your career at the same time.”

Anonymous respondent in the Student Feedback Survey

In January – February 2024, ACICIS welcomed 36 students onto ACICIS Law Professional Practicum (LPP). The student came from University of Melbourne,  Murdoch UniversityRMIT University, University of Adelaide, University of SydneyGriffith UniversityQueensland University of Technologythe University of QueenslandMonash University,  Australian National University (ANU), University of Western Australia (UWA)Western Sydney UniversityUniversity of Technology Sydney (UTS). Most of the students completed the LPP with the support of the New Colombo Plan Grant. Following the structure of the last few years, the practicum consists of 2-week of Academic Week (seminars, field trips, language class) and 4-week of professional placement. You can read the full summary here.

At the completion of the program, students are invited to complete an anonymous survey to provide feedback on their ACICIS experience. We received responses from 34 out of the 35 (97%) students completed the survey.

With this participation rate, the survey is considered both relevant and sufficiently representative of the sentiments and perspectives of the student cohort. Please see below the result of the survey:

85 % of respondents said they would recommend ACICIS Law Professional Practicum program to other students at their university!

Indulge in the insightful reflections and experiences shared by Casey Feltham (Griffith University) and Rattan Bhinder (Murdoch University) during their LPP program in Indonesia. Click on the images below to see their posts!

Discover Jazlyn Bauer’s (Griffith University) insightful thoughts on her LPP experience, along with Homaira Suhail’s (Murdoch University) reflections on attending the 10th anniversary of the New Colombo Plan during her time in Jakarta. Click on the images below to see their posts!

Dive deeper into the stories and backgrounds of our participants by checking the student profiles presented by Maddison Bowne (Monash University) and Anastasia Michalakas (The University of Adelaide) below:

Maddison Bowne was a participant in the 2024 Law Professional PracticumMaddison is studying Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Global Studies at Monash University. Read her profile here.
Anastasia Michalakas was a participant in the 2024 Law Professional PracticumAnastasia is studying Bachelor of Laws at The University of Adelaide. Read her profile here.

We look forward to the next iteration of the  Law Professional Practicum (LPP) in January 2025!

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the secretariat at enquiries@acicis.edu.au or on (08) 6488 6675.

The ACICIS Study Indonesia Team