What have the ACICIS Semester 56 students been up to?

Tak terasa waktu cepat berlalu or ‘how time flies’ in English – our Semester 56 students are already halfway through their programs!

They have had an exciting and busy start to their international experience. Students attended their orientation and opening ceremony back in early February where they were introduced to Indonesian culture and fully briefed on health and safety during their semester. Students, with the assistance of ACICIS and their student buddies, were able to quickly arrange accommodation then jumped straight into their university studies.



The students have also had some spare time on the weekends to explore the archipelago a bit more, take some Indonesian cooking classes and help to clean up the beach.



Last week at the ACICIS checkpoint meeting, it was clear that the students were making great progress and are ready for the rest of their adventure in this beautiful and diverse country.



Our semester students will be starting their professional placements (internships) this month. We look forward to sharing their placements with you soon!

If you have any questions about the above, don’t hesitate to contact the ACICIS Secretariat at enquiries@acicis.edu.au or on (08) 6488 6675.

The ACICIS Study Indonesia Team