ACICIS is pleased to announce that Sanata Dharma University (USD) will host ACICIS’ Development Studies Professional Practicum (DSPP) in January 2019.

This week, ACICIS Consortium Director, Mr Liam Prince, and ACICIS Resident Director, Dr Adrian Budiman, attended the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) renewal with Sanata Dharma University (USD) in Yogyakarta. USD is a long standing ACICIS Host University, first partnering with ACICIS in 2010, for the delivery of the Indonesian Language Teacher Immersion (ILTI) Semester Program as well as the Indonesian Language Teacher Immersion Short Course (ILTI SC). In 2012 USD also hosted the pilot ACICIS Indonesia School Tours and has continued to provide Indonesian language classes for visiting school students in recent years.

ACICIS’ Development Studies Professional Practicum (DSPP) was developed in 2010, with the pilot program running at Atma Jaya University in Jakarta. Atma Jaya University will continue to host participants on the Law Professional Practicum (LPP), Business Professional Practicum (BPP), Creative Arts & Design Professional Practicum (CADPP) and the Journalism Professional Practicum (JPP) in 2019. ACICIS is very grateful for the many years Atma Jaya University has hosted our DSPP students.

The DSPP consists of an initial two weeks of intensive Indonesian language instruction and English language lectures by local practitioners and experts in the field of development. This will be then followed by a four-week supervised practicum placement within a local or international development organisation in a wide range of areas including the environment, governance, poverty reduction, gender equity, education, health, migration, etc.

We are excited to build on our partnership with USD to now deliver the DSPP in 2019. We hope all of our students have a great time in Yogyakarta.