While the ACICIS Secretariat is busy recruiting students for the August 2017 (Semester 45) intake of ACICIS’ semester programs, we thought you might be interested in the student feedback from our Semester 43 (August-December 2016)*. The data below is a snapshot of the feedback and opinions provided by students who completed the Flexible Language Immersion Program, Development Studies Immersion Program and the Indonesian Business, Law and Society Program in Yogyakarta, the International Relations Program and West Java Field Study Program in Bandung, or the Agriculture Semester Program in Bogor during the final half of 2016.

*Student evaluation data is collected at the end of each semester, thus the most recent semester program data available at time of writing is that collected in February 2017 from students completing their August-December 2016 ACICIS semester program. The ACICIS Secretariat will collect feedback mid-2017 from students who commenced ACICIS semester programs in January 2017 and will circulate key results in due course.