In January 2021 ACICIS will welcome 120 students* from nineteen Australian universities to participate in five of the consortia’s Virtual Professional Practicum Programs.

Of the 120 students undertaking study through ACICIS in January/February 2021, 100 are doing so with the assistance of New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants.

The breakdown of ACICIS 2021 Virtual Professional Practicum Program students by sending university is as follows:

University No. of Students
La Trobe University 13
Deakin University 12
Murdoch University 12
Monash University 11
The Australian National University 10
RMIT University 10
Western Sydney University 8
Curtin University 6
The University of Melbourne 5
The University of Queensland 4
The University of Sydney 3
The University of Western Australia 3
Flinders University 2
The University of Adelaide 2
Griffith University 1
Macquarie University 1
Queensland University of Technology 1
University of Technology Sydney 1
Private Applicant 1
Total 120

The breakdown by program is as follows:

ACICIS would like to thank all the many academic, administrative, and study mobility office personnel at ACICIS’ member universities for assisting students with their applications for our new suite of virtual programs and for your support of ACICIS generally.

ACICIS also gratefully acknowledges the financial support it has received through the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan Mobility Program, which has partially underwritten the development of many ACICIS professional practicum programs through the provision of student mobility grants and has permitted the online delivery of these NCP projects.

Semoga sukses to all participants!


*These numbers have been updated since the initial post, due to student withdrawals.