ACICIS Study Indonesia is excited to announce the size and composition of the consortium’s pilot Indonesian Language Short Course (ILSC) 2017-2018 intake.  In total, ACICIS will have a total of 70 students from eleven Australian universities undertaking a three week course, or two consecutive three-week courses, at the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.  These 70 students will be enrolled in language classes, at their language level, and will be hosted by Universitas Satya Wacana in Salatiga.

Of the 70 students undertaking study in Indonesia through ACICIS’ Indonesian Language Short Course, 59 will be doing so with the assistance of New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants.

The composition of ACICIS’ first three sessions of the Indonesian Language Short Course (ILSC) intake by sending university is as follows:

University Students
The Australian National University 31
Monash University 10
The University of Western Australia 6
Flinders University 4
Private Participant 4
Griffith University 3
La Trobe University 3
The University of Sydney 2
Macquarie University 2
RMIT University 2
Swinburne University of Technology 1
The University of Queensland 1
University of South Australia 1
Total 70

The composition of ACICIS’ Indonesian Language Short Course 2017-2018 intake by session is as follows:

ILSC Session New Continuing Total
Session 1 12 0 12
Session 2 48 3 51
Session 3 10 18 28
Total 70 21 91

ACICIS would like to thank all the many teaching, administrative, and study abroad office personnel at ACICIS’ member universities for their continued support and promotion of the consortium’s in-country programs.