ACICIS were thrilled to welcome Como Secondary College (Western Australia) back to Yogyakarta on another ACICIS Indonesian School Tour on 21-28 November 2015.

Studying Bahasa Indonesia back in Perth, we could see the enthusiasm of the eight Como students to be in Yogyakarta to practice and learn more Bahasa Indonesia through language classes at Universitas Sanata Dharma, one-on-one tutorials, and explorations around the city. One of the most exciting parts of the tour is the Outside of Class Learning Activities (OOCLAs). Students were given little challenges to practice their Bahasa Indonesia, such as ordering delivery takeaway over the phone, finding a rubber stamp shop to make a label, and haggling at the traditional market to buy Indonesian tropical fruits such as rambutan and dragon fruit. The most interesting challenge, however, was an impromptu language exchange with a group of students from Jombang who were also visiting the Borobudur Temple; not only did they have to speak Bahasa, they were also taught to sing in Javanese by these new friends!

Borobudur wasn’t the only Yogyakarta’s treasure that they explored. On day one, they hopped around Yogyakarta’s popular historic sites such as Kotagede, Tamansari, and Malioboro Street. Yogyakarta is also home of one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Mount Merapi, therefore a four-wheel drive adventure on a Jeep around the volcano was also a must! Apart from that, the Como Secondary College students were given the opportunity to experience Indonesian traditions on-hand, from making silver, turning spices into Javanese herbal drink jamu, and whipping up Indonesians’ favourite dish to eat over the Islamic holidays, Opor Ayam. At the end of a long day, they discovered the best thing to do in Indonesia on the weekend: having a “creambath” – a hair spa with massage.

To add in something unique in their seven-day tour, they also visited Rumah Inspirasi Jogja, a community-based non-government organisation that focuses on environmental awareness and waste management in the south of Yogyakarta. Its founder, Mr Josh Handani, took them to see their Bamboo Botol Homestay that is partly constructed out of bamboo and recycled goods. Students were also encouraged to learn how to manage waste and recycle by filling up plastic bottles with plastic bags.

ACICIS were very happy to have Como Secondary College back in Yogyakarta and to see how enthusiastic they wereto learn Indonesia in-country. Thank you to all of our Como Secondary College participants – looking forward to having you again!

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