ACICIS was excited to welcome ten students and two accompanying teachers from Iona Presentation College to Yogyakarta in June 2018 on the school tour program. During their week in Yogyakarta, Iona College’s tour was filled with exciting and educational activities. Most of their activities revolved around the study of the Indonesian culture and language. Included in their program was ten hours of Indonesian language classes and three hours of one-on-one tutorials, which were taught by experienced Indonesian instructors at Sanata Dharma University’s Language Centre.

Aside from the language classes, the students had the opportunity to test their crafting skills at Kebon Agung tourism village, where they learned how to craft Janur, a traditional Indonesian decoration made from coconut leaves and fruits, which is commonly used for decoration in traditional Indonesian weddings. The students also had the opportunity to craft silver jewelry in the famous Old Town, or Kota Gede, in Yogyakarta. The silver workshop was followed by a tour of Kota Gede, where the students had the opportunity to visit the famous Royal cemetery where they had the chance to try on traditional Javanese clothing.

Their time in Yogyakarta was not only filled with these field trips and visits to the world famous Borobudur and Prambanan, the students also visited the Griya Kasih Victory orphanage where they had the chance to entertain the children with games and songs.

Thank you to all Iona Presentation College students. It was a great pleasure to have you in Yogyakarta on the school tour program – we look forward for your next visit!

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