Each semester, ACICIS Yogyakarta organise field trips to ensure students make the most of their time in Indonesia. In Semester 42 (February-June 2016), ACICIS students visited Pantai Ngandong (Ngandong Beach) and Desa Wisata Kebon Agung (Kebon Agung Tourism Village).

In late February, twenty six students spent two days at Ngandong Beach, two hours out of Yogyakarta. The beach getaway gave the students the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of Yogyakarta. Students spent the trip swimming, exploring the area, and drinking lots of es kelapa muda (young coconut drink).

The last Semester 42 field trip was held in the middle of May. Twelve students from Yogyakarta traveled to Bantul to visit Kebon Agung Tourism Village. This village is well known for their nature and culture tourism activities. There, with the help of Bapak Dalbia and his relatives, the students learned how to make pottery and tried their hand at batik painting. Students then visited the Imogiry Royal Cemetery Park. The cemetery park is a sacred are where the royal family members of the Mataram Kingdom were buried. To reach the King’s cemetery, they had to climb more than 500 stairs and had to wear Javanese traditional clothes to appreciate the sanctum. Visitors are obliged to wear the traditional Javanese clothing before entering the cemetery complex as a way to pay respect. Javanese-dressed, students then toured the complex while learning about the history of the Yogyakarta Sultanate.