ACICIS Study Indonesia is delighted to unveil our exhibition of student works completed during the 2017 Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum.

This exhibition showcases design, marketing and art works created by students involved in the pilot iteration of the Creative Art and Design Professional Practicum (CADPP) held by the Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS). ACICIS has been providing students from Australian universities with educational and professional opportunities in Indonesia for over 25 years.

In early 2017, 20 art and design students joined a 2 week academic program and undertook 4 week internships with prestigious creative agencies, artists’ studios, galleries, architects and designers in Indonesia. Organisations hosting student internships covered a wide range of creative fields, from top contemporary artist Eko Nugroho’s studio, to Indonesia’s National Gallery, Olrange digital advertising, film-makers Sembilan Matahari and many more. You can read a full wrap up of the 2017 program here.

Immersed in the languages and cultures of our nearest neighbour, students worked with local creative mentors, expanding their own professional portfolios and their capacity to work in diverse professional and cultural contexts under the mentorship of Indonesia’s top creatives.

The exhibition will feature a selection of the best works produced by students during their internships, including video works, online content, animated films, product and interior design, graphic design and textiles.

The objective of this exhibition is to demonstrate the immense professional and creative value students have gained by their immersion in contemporary Indonesia, and to encourage other art and design students to consider joining the program to expand their own creative horizons. The exhibition is intended to be held in art spaces at or near as many of the participating universities as possible.

You can view the online exhibition here.