Indonesian Language Short Course

Charlotte Gordon was a participant in the Indonesian Language Short Course – Session 1 & 2 in 2017/2018 from Monash University.

Q: Why did you decide to undertake the ILSC?

I decided to do the ILSC partially because my best friend was doing it and partially because I am interested in doing research in Indonesia some day in the future. Doing the ILSC allows me to study Indonesian at university before I graduate.

Q: How will your proficiency in Indonesian language gained through the ILSC influence your future career or study?

I started the course with no Indonesian knowledge and I am very happy with what I have learnt so far! The course is particularly good, because in Salatiga everyone, at the market or on the streets, assumes you can speak Indonesian so you are pushed to learn faster so that you can understand what everyone is saying!

Q: Have you had previous experience learning Indonesian in Australia? If so, how different is in-country Indonesian language learning to your previous experiences? If not, how do classes in Indonesia compare to classes in Australia?

I hadn’t had any prior experience. The classes were great because it was just me and another student. I really liked how personal they were and how much content we could cover in a class. Also, ALL of the staff at LTC are so so so nice and it made the whole experience even better.

Q: Would you like to return to Indonesia for future study or work?

Definitely X 100

Q: What did you most enjoy about the course?

The food and the people and the learning and the town and the mountains!

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time in Salatiga?

Walk around, drink coffee and spend time with Sherly!

Q: Favourite Indonesian Food/Favourite place to eat:

My favourite Indonesian food is Lotek. According to one of my teachers the best place to eat it is at Lotek Monginsidi which is on the corner of Jalan Cemp and Jalan Monginsidi (very close to campus)

Q: Favourite Indonesian word/phrase: