ACICIS Consortium Director, Professor David T. Hill, presented at the Indonesia Council Open Conference (ICOC) 2015 at Deakin University. His presentation was about the past twenty years of ACICIS and the decade ahead.

The ICOC is a multi-disciplinary conference which provides a forum for the presentation of new and innovative work on Indonesia with particular emphasis on encouraging engagement between newer Indonesianists and established scholars. It attracts participants from all over Australia and many other parts of the world.

Nicholas Herriman wrote about the event and gave Professor Hill a lovely shout-out in his write up.

Herriman wrote:

Although he always denies it, many see David Hill as the driving force behind ACICIS. And given ACICIS has probably contributed more to the understanding of Indonesia than any other initiative in Australian history, this is no small tribute.

Read more of Nicholas’ write up of the conference here.

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