In July 2018, ACICIS welcomed eleven students and two accompanying teachers from Somerville Secondary College to Yogyakarta on the school tour program. Their ten day adventure was filled with fun and educational activities throughout Yogyakarta. They participated in twelve hours of Indonesian Language classes and five hours of one-on-one tutorials, taught by the very experienced Indonesian Language instructors at Sanata Dharma University’s Language Centre.

Throughout their trip not only did the students have the opportunity to visit the world famous heritage sites, Borobudur and Prambanan, they also had the opportunity to explore the cultural richness that Yogyakarta had to offer. The students visited the Keraton (Sultan’s Palace) and had the opportunity to ride becak, a traditional pedicab from Yogyakarta, around Keraton area. They also participated in a cooking class at Tembi Rumah Budaya, where the participants rode bicycles to the local market to practice their Indonesian language and bargaining skills to buy ingredients for the cooking class.

Between their language classes the students were also involved in other cultural classes such as the Jamu workshop, a traditional herbal drink, and a traditional dance class at the Language Centre in Sanata Dharma University. Not only did the students fill their time with these field trips, they also wanted to give back to the community by visiting the Griya Kasih Orphanage, where they brought gifts donated by the people of Somerville and played together with the children at the Oprhanage.

ACICIS was very pleased to host Somerville Secondary College on their first school tour to Indonesia, and we are looking forward to having all of you again!

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