ACICIS had the joy of hosting seven students and two teachers from Canning Vale College, Perth, to Yogyakarta in July this year. Their twelve-day adventure in Yogyakarta was packed with fun activities and learning about Indonesian culture and arts, as well as Indonesian language classes at Sanata Dharma University’s Language Centre. The students from Canning Vale College participated in sixteen hours of language classes and five hours of one-on-one tutorials taught by experienced Bahasa Indonesia teachers and Tutors at Santa Dharma University’s Language Centre.

Aside from their language classes, the students had the opportunity to participate in the Jamu workshop at Sanata Dharma University’s Language Centre, where they learned how to make the traditional Indonesian herbal medicine Jamu directly from an expert. They were able to participate in the making of the jamu beras kencur (rice and grater galingale), and jamu kunir asem (Turmeric and Tamarind), then taste it.

Students were also given the opportunity to practice their Indonesian in real life contexts by participating in the Out-of-Class Learning Activities (OOCLA) during their one on one tutorials, some of which were organised by the Language Centre and a couple of others by the accompanying teachers. The students were encouraged to practice the Indonesian language during the OOCLA when ordering a beverage to the waitress, asking the price, and when buying goods in the supermarket.

The participants tried to use their Indonesian language skills at every opportunity during their tour in Yogyakarta, especially when given the opportunity to live in a Turgo Village in Kaliurang. They had several activities such as; a visit to the Ullen Sentalu museum to see the art collections of one of the Royal Families; traditional cooking with their host family, where they experienced cooking without a gas stove and eating together on the floor; trekking through and learning about various plantations around Mt. Merapi and harvesting coffee; planting vegetables, including harvesting cassava; and finally learning the traditional instrument ‘gamelan’ in which each student had the opportunity to attend a short coaching clinic by the local master of gamelan and then play it together.

Fun filled activities awaited them here in Yogyakarta, the Canning Vale College participants had the opportunity to explore Tembi Rumah Budaya in Bantul for outdoor activities such as a cycling tour, traditional cooking of lemet (Banana Leaf Wrapped Cassava Cake), and exploring rice fields. Then students continued the trip to two prominent historical temples of Yogyakarta: Borobudur and Prambanan temple to learn about both temples history and famous beliefs.

For the art activities, Canning Vale College participants visited Kebon Agung Village for a Batik workshop and silversmith workshop at Kotagede, Yogyakarta’s old town that is famous for its silversmiths.

The students had one final opportunity to practice their Indonesian language by exploring Malioboro Street, which is popular for the souvenir street vendors. They were able to use their Indonesian to ask questions, bargain and pay for items.

The school tour was brought to a close with a closing ceremony, where the students wore traditional Indonesian costumes. Thank you to all the great participants from Canning Vale College, your next visit is certainly more than welcomed – we look forward to seeing you all in the future!

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