Continuing the success of the 2020 Law Professional Practicum (LPP), this year, ACICIS Study Indonesia welcomed 49 students virtually to the 2021 LPP program. The students came from twelve Australian universities, including The Australian National University (ANU), Deakin University, Flinders University, Griffith UniversityMacquarie UniversityLa Trobe University, Monash UniversityMurdoch University, University of New South Wales (UNSW), The University of Adelaide, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and Western Sydney University (WSU). 44 students completed the LPP with the support of a $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant.

LPP participants undertook an academic program which consisted of language classes hosted by Atma Jaya Catholic University, and a series of law-related seminars. The speakers, ranging from high profile government officials, academics, and practitioners, gave students a glimpse of the Indonesian legal system in preparation for their placements. The seminar series covered a wide variety of topics including significant legal issues, human rights and ongoing case studies in Indonesia which were relevant to areas of future law reform and research collaboration between Australia and Indonesia.

LPP cohort had the opportunity to virtually visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia. The group was welcomed by the Director General for International Law and Treaties, Mr Damos Dumoli Agusman. The visit started with a short a video tour on the Treaty Room where the students could see thousands of treaties documented and historical partnership evidence among nations and Indonesia. Mr Agusman also led the discussion on the Indonesia’s Diplomacy in Pandemic Situation, Introduction to International Law, Indonesia’s stance on the international issues in the region, and overview of the Ministry.

The students then commenced their five-week placements at their assigned host organisations. ACICIS collaborated with 31 host organisations for the 2021 Virtual Law Professional Practicum, ranging from legal aid institutes, international NGOs, research centres, government institutions and law firms. These organisations included ASEAN Intergovernmental Comission for Human Rights (AICHR) in Indonesia, Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (BKPM), Center for Detention Studies (CDS), Center for State Policy Studies Padjajaran University, Center for International Law Studies (CILS), Dirga Putra Corporate Legal Services (DPCLS), HukumonlineHuman Rights Watch (HRW), Human Rights Working Group (HRWG), Indonesia for Global Justice (IGJ), Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR), Institute for Migrant Rights (IMR), Indonesian Centre of Law and Policy Studies (PSHK), Jakarta International Law Office (JILO), JAS & Partners, Kemenkumham East Java, KontraS, LBH Masyarakat, Masyarakat Pemantau Peradilan Indonesia (MaPPI), Muhtar Halim & Partners (MHP), Okusi Associates, Pancasila University, Perkumpulan untuk Pemilu dan Demokrasi (PERLUDEM), Pusat Studi HAM UII, Pusat Studi Hukum Islam UII, PRIK-KT UI, Pusat Mediasi Nasional (PMN), School of Governance and Public Policy (SGPP), Soengkar & Partners, Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC), and Yang & Co. The students were supervised by mentors experienced in their field and ACICIS’ Academic Program Officers, Prof Nandang Sutrisno and Ms Patriani Paramita Mulia throughout their placement.

We would like to congratulate all 49 students on their incredible work during 2021 Virtual Law Professional Practicum. We wish all students the best for the future and hope to see them all in Indonesia soon.