Home to over two hundred million Muslims, the month of Ramadan is exceptionally celebrated in Indonesia. In the spirit of Ramadan, ACICIS Development Studies Professional Practicum (DSPP) 2014 alumnus Daniel May from Flinders University, set up a blog that captures the lives of Indonesian Muslims living in Adelaide and studying at Flinders University. Daniel’s blog includes detailed posts with interview videos and articles that tell first-hand stories about life in Adelaide as an Indonesian Muslim.

What started off as a university project supervised by Ms Rosslyn von der Borch, the blog was quickly picked up by both Indonesian and Australian media and by online communities. When asked why he chose the topic, Daniel expressed that during his time in Indonesia with ACICIS he became interested in the uniqueness of Indonesian Muslim culture and traditions that he believes are both more moderate and unique.

The Indonesian Muslim community in Adelaide welcomed Daniel with open arms and were very happy to assist him with his research.  Sitting in their organised weekly meetings, Daniel felt the strong sense of community that is woven together by shared experience and love for Indonesia and Islam. This project has given Daniel the opportunity to practice is Indonesian language skills, and has allowed him to build a strong connection with the Indonesian Muslim community in Adelaide.

Follow Daniel’s blog, as well as read the ABC Australia Plus and MetroTV articles on his project!