Former ACICIS student Anton Lucanus (Semester 39/Aug 2014) completed a semester in Indonesia on the Flexible Language Immersion Program at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.

Anton recently graduated with a double-degree in Human Biology and Bahasa Indonesia from the University of Western Australia. This year (2015), he’s part of a research team based in Jakarta, conducting studies on virology with funds from the US Center for Disease Control.

Anton recently established Neliti, Indonesia’s first open access research database: a one-stop portal for Indonesia-related science research, spanning articles, studies, and raw data.

Together with co-founders Surya Darma from Indonesia and Patrick Jones, who is based in Australia, Anton hopes to develop Neliti into a self-sufficient platform where academics are encouraged to sign up and submit their own articles and research.

For more information about Netili, see the TechinAsia article about the launch of the new platform.