The tours are designed to be as flexible as possible. Schools are free to select field trips and school visits from the list of options provided. Timetables for teaching may also be shuffled around. ACICIS recommends using the following as a template to start with. The ACICIS Tour Program Coordinator can then work with each school to fine tune preferences and advise on any issues that may constrain choices (weather, school holidays, religious holidays etc). A detailed itinerary will be provided once field trips, school visits and timetables have been scheduled.

Below is a sample itinerary for a seven day tour.

Day 1
Day zero is an arrival day. Groups will be met by ACICIS staff at Yogyakarta’s airport and accompanied to their respective accommodation locations.

Day 2
Day one will commence with an opening ceremony at Universitas Sanata Dharma (USD). The acara pembukaan is a very standard part of any Indonesian function and a learning experience in itself. After the opening, students will be introduced to their tutors, and then commence the first of their language classes. We will endeavour to sort students into the correct level prior to arrival, but changes may be made upon first hand evaluation of abilities by USD teaching staff. Groups are free to select the preferred field trip for the afternoon, with the proviso that it is within the city limits, as we will conduct a downtown tour in the evening.

Day 3
Day two commences with a school visit (selected by the group according to preferred activities). Lunch will be provided at the school. Language classes and the first of the tutorial sessions are scheduled for the afternoon.

Day 4
Day three commences with a field trip outside of the city in order to introduce students to a non-urban environment. It is scheduled for the morning to take advantage of cooler temperatures/dry conditions. The afternoon involves a language class and tutorial session.

Day 5
Day four starts with a language class followed by a tutorial session. A field trip is scheduled for the afternoon. Dinner is once again at the Kos, although groups are free to organize dinner elsewhere. Please just inform the Kos early in the day.

Day 6
This is the final day for language classes, which will be followed by a fun closing ceremony at the language institute. The afternoon is cleared for free time activities. A farewell dinner will be organized upon request.

Day 7
Groups will depart in the morning from Yogyakarta.