Together with the ACICIS Tour Program Coordinator, schools can assemble the package that best suits their needs. Schools can choose their half day field trips and school visits from the list below. ACICIS recommends that schools choose a good mixture of half day field trips and especially field trips that are ‘hands on’.

A limited number of full day field trips are also available on request.

(Half day) Each of these field trip options normally take 2-3 hours.
School Visit Interact with Indonesian peers and see what an Indonesian classroom is like.
Yogyakarta local NGO Visit a local NGO and find out about the work they do to help the community.
Borobudur Borobudur is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist temple located in Magelang, East Java. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest Buddhist temple in the world.
Prambanan Prambanan is a 9th-century Hindu temple compound located in Central Java, Indonesia. The temple, being the biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Ratu Boko Ratu Boko is an archaeological site which looks more like a palace than a temple, with remnants of fortified walls and a dry moat as a defense structure. The site is located on a plateau, around 3 km south of Prambanan,Temple and has a breath-taking panorama at sunset.
Plaosan Plaosan is a Buddhist temple located in Bugisan village, Prambanan District, Central Java. This temple is surrounded by lush fields of rice banana and corn which provide beautiful views.
Silver Art Making and Kotagede Walking Tour Create silver jewelry using fine ornamental filigree pieces with your own hand and taste the old Jogja by having walking tour afterward.
Batik Create your own piece of batik, including designing your own pattern.
Pottery Visit Kasongan village, which is well-known for its pottery handicraft  and hands on craft making using mud.
Jamu (Traditional Herbal Drink) Learn the process of making the Javanese traditional herbal drink called Jamu as well as it’s health benefits.
Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppet) Make a miniature wayang kulit character, guided by an expert.
Short classes:
Music: Gamelan Learn to play a set of Javanese traditional instruments called gamelan which is used mostly for traditional dances and wayang shows in Indonesia.
Dance: Javanese Traditional Dance Learn some basic Javanese traditional dance movements.
Pencak Silat Wear a traditional pencak silat outfit and try some pencak silat techniques.
Cooking Class Shop for ingredients at a local market and cook an amazing Indonesian meal for lunch.
Imogiri Royal Cemetery Dress-up in traditional Javanese clothing and tour the cemetery grounds.
Keraton and Taman Sari Visit and learn the history of Yogyakarta’s Sultan’s palace and water castle from the experts.
Ullen Sentalu Visit and learn the history of Yogyakarta and Surakarta kingdom.
Benteng Vredeburg Visit the old dutch fortress and learn about Yogyakarta’s colonial history.
Environment and trekking:
Trekking: Gunung Api Purba trekking trip Trek to reach the peak (reachable in about 1 hour) and see the mesmerizing view from the top.
Puppet Shadow Performance Watch short duration of Wayang Kulit performance within 2 hours.
Ramayana Ballet Show Watch the epic musical dance called Ramayana ballet dance, a story of Rama and Shinta.
(One full day combination) This option is a combination of a few trips and workshops.
Kebon Agung Village Tour: Rice planting, Batik and pottery making Students will have the opportunity to plant paddy in a traditional way, make Batik and try their hand at pottery in a village just outside Yogaykarta city.
Tembi Tour: Cooking class, Gamelan and/or traditional dance class The Tembi Tour involves a cooking class, gamelan workshop and a traditional dance class, all guided by experts.
*Cave tubing: trekking and mini rafting Students will tube down the Kali Suci river and through spectacular cave systems, combining caving and body rafting.
Solo Tour: train, language activity, Sultan’s palace and traditional market If you’d like to explore outside of Yogyakarta, Solo will be the perfect place to go. Students will travel to Solo by train (1 hour), complete a language activity, visit the Sultan’s palace and a traditional market.
(Weekend away) This option takes about 2 days
Village study: Trekking, overnight stay at the village, Merapi Jeep tour This field trip includes trekking, an overnight stay at the village where you can learn about local culture and norms and also the Merapi lava tour (if available).

*Can only be selected if all tour participants have adequate travel insurance covering adventure and water sport activities.