About Five Pillar Foundation

Five Pillar Foundation was founded in 2014 to help position rural village communities to protect and preserve their culture and environment and to share their story with the international community. Five Pillar supports local communities through educational & community tourism initiatives.

Our Vision

Strong, educated, and self-sufficient communities protecting and preserving environment & culture.

Our Mission

  • To develop the full potential of villages and communities using an integrated approach that helps communities to recognize and create economic, social, environmental, human, and cultural forms of capital.
  • To develop sustainable eco- and community-inspired adventures that create economic opportunity for local communities while also raising international awareness around local Balinese values.

Our Values

Social commitment, community responsibility and support, economic development, environmental sustainability, actionable education, and cultural preservation.


Should have training/knowledge related to their job description, which would include:

  • Marketing/business development
  • Program design
  • Program evaluation
  • Developmental evaluation of ongoing projects

Intern Duties:

  • Reviewing and compiling project monitoring reports
  • Research assistance and data collection
  • Assisting with current or new project design and implementation
  • Assisting in the design and editing of web material and other reporting obligations
  • Editing and management of visual archives
  • Placement on teams for project design/and or project monitoring exercises
  • Media and communication strategy assistance
  • Hospitality service and managment
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Grant report writing
  • Fundraising
  • Program Evaluation
  • Developmental Evaluation

Working Hours

40 hours per week


Perumahan Karang Sari Blok B No 11, Padang Sambian Kaja,Denpasar Barat, Bali 80116

Student Profiles

Teresa Nurdi was a participant in the 2020 Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum from UNSW.

Teresa is studying a Bachelor of Politics and International Relations/Bachelor of Law.

She received a $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to support her participation in this program. Read more here.