About Bali CoBTA

Bali Community Based Tourism Association (Bali CoBTA) is a non-governmental organization that promotes responsible and sustainable tourism through the development of community based tourism villages in developing areas throughout Bali.

Bali CoBTA was established in 2010 with support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Destination Development Department, the Bali Provincial Tourism Office and other independent contributors.

Bali CoBTA facilitates the transformation of villages into ‘Tourism Villages’ (Desa Wisata in Bahasa Indonesia) by establishing a cooperation relationship between interested villages and participating sponsors. They also assist with infrastructure and facilities improvement and provide human resource management and training to village residents.

Bali CoBTA’s responsible tourism philosophy is based on a committed tourism that takes responsibility for the local community welfare, environmental protection and sustainability of the local cultural heritage. By facilitating the development of “Tourism Villages”, tourists are given a unique opportunity to experience local culture and community life, while communities are empowered to earn an additional income by preserving and showcasing their culture and heritage.


  • Digital Marketing Skills
  • Social Media Skills

Intern Duties

  • Assisting in the design and editing of web material and other reporting obligations
  • Editing and management of visual archives
  • Media and communication strategy assistance

Working Hours

9am – 5pm


Jl. Raya Puputan No. 41, Renon
80235 Denpasar, Bali

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