About Concord Consulting

Concord Consulting is a professional services and business risk consulting company of multi-national businesses and governments. Helping organizations protect their people, assests, infrastructure and reputation. Since 2002, Concord Consulting have assisted clients to develop effective strategies to capitalize on opportunities by managing strategic and operational risks in complex and at-times unfavorable environments.


Intern need to bring their own laptop.

Intern Duties (Example)

  • Research and copyediting tasks
  • Compiling summaries of news article
  • assist mentor on their analysis pieces
  • Attend panel and events

Work Hours

09.00 am – 5 pm

Dress Code

Semi-formal (e.g. Business attire, collared shirts/ blouses, trousers/long skirt, long dress covering shoulders and knees, batik shirt/ blouse/ dress, closed toe shoes. No t-shirts, shorts, flip flops)


Tetra Pak Building, Ground Floor
Jl. Buncit Raya Kav. 100
Jakarta 12510