The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) has ten publications in total (newsletters, web releases etc). They also produce material for other organisations and are involved in collaborative work. The newsletter is circulated quarterly. Interns will be given directions and work to do each day but staff mobility seems to be quite high and can thus be disruptive.

Previous interns at CIFOR have been offered work there after they completed their internship.

Intern Duties

  • Writing profiles for visiting fellows at the centre for the newsletter.
  • Writing features for the website on topics such as non-timer forest products. Based on independent research in the library.
  • Writing out the domains and subdomains for the website – staff profiles etc.
  • Attend staff meetings.
  • Strong English writing skills to assist with the comm department which is swamped with work but has limited English language people.
  • Video editing skills also highly valued as they would like the interns to do a series of interviews with cifor scientists for web streaming.
  • Web development skills are a plus.
  • Need to have an interest in forestry – the candidate requires a grounding in the type of language used by the forestry scientific community–REDDS schemes, carbon sinks etc.
  • It should be stressed that it is an office based position.
  • They will prepare a detailed program for interns as they have loads of work to be done.

Work Hours



Situ Gede, Sindang Barang
Bogor (Barat) 16115, Indonesia

Bogor is located about 50km southeast of Jakarta. Interns can stay at the nearby CIFOR lodge. Commuting from Jakarta is not feasible.