To help ACICIS design the Development Studies programs so that they will be acceptable to Australian universities and Australian university students, the following people kindly agreed to be part of the DSPP Steering committee. The committee held a workshop in Canberra in March 2009, and continues to discuss various aspects of the program.

ACICIS would like to sincerely thank these people for their efforts.

A/Prof Andrew Rosser

A/Prof Andrew Rosser is a senior lecturer at The University of Adelaide and was the initial Program Officer for the DSPP. He is a political economist who works on development issues in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Timor Leste. His main interests are the resource curse, the political economy of policy-making, the politics of inclusion, rebuilding governance in fragile states, and corporate governance/corporate social responsibility.

Professor Susanne Schech

Professor Susanne Schech is an Associate Professor in Geography and Development Studies, and the Director of the Centre for Development Studies at Flinders University. Her areas of research are international development, nationalism; racism and migration; poverty policies; information technology and development; and the Asia Pacific region.

Professor Alberto Gomes

Professor Alberto Gomes of La Trobe University has published work primarily on the social, economic and ecological implications of commoditisation, government-sponsored development programmes, and modernity for the Malaysian Aborigines and indigenous/tribal communities in general.

Dr Craig Thorburn

Dr Craig Thorburn of Monash University is a senior lecturer in sustainable development, common property resource management, customary institutions and access rights, decentralisation and regional autonomy in Indonesia. He is the Coordinator of the International Development and Environmental Analysis program. He has spent more than 20 years in Indonesia.

A/Prof Duncan McDuie-Ra

A/Prof Duncan McDuie-Ra is the Coordinator of undergraduate Development Studies at the University of New South Wales. His research and publications have focussed on civil society; human security; environmental security; gender-based insecurity; the local politics of development; and South Asia including India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Burma.

Dr Jane Hutchison

Dr Jane Hutchison is a senior lecturer in Politics and International Studies, and co-Chair of the Development Studies Program at Murdoch University. Her research interests are social and political change in the Philippines, urban land reform and the urban poor in the Philippines, and labour organising in Asia and women and development.

Professor Matthew Clarke

Professor Matthew Clarke is Director of the Masters in International and Community Development program at Deakin University. He teaches the Economic Development Record, Microfinance and Poverty Reduction, and Aid, Trade and Development as well as supervising Professional Practice in Community and International Development Studies. Prof Clarke also supervises PhD students.