About Rutgers WPF

Rutgers WPF Indonesia believes that human sexuality and reproductive health must be viewed positively without judging and free from violence. Based on this belief, we still see a number of challenges in efforts to promote the health and rights for the Indonesians. This include our rights to feel comfortable with our body, to choose our partner and the number of children we want to have, to be free from violence, sexual harassment and sexual abuse or rape, as well as to determine our future. In implementing its programs, Rutgers WPF Indonesia works with partners and individuals who have a shared vision to contribute to the build Indonesia that is free from violence.

Rutgers WPF works by managing programs and projects, such as research, public education, campaign, governmental support, and service delivery. Some of the core focuses of this work include comprehensive sexuality education, addressing issues of violence against women and children, providing access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, as well as promoting diversity and tolerance.