About Perludem

Perkumpulan untuk Pemilu dan Demokrasi, otherwise known as Perludem, was established in January 2005 with the status of legal entity association. The idea of establishing Perludem based on Supervisory Committee evaluation meeting conducted throughout Indonesia after Legislative Election and Presidential Election in 2004, which were responded positively by all the participants. Following up on these responses, some teams mandated to draft, design and record the institutional administration. Some of the figures involved in the establishment of Perludem; Bambang Wijayanto, Iskandar Sondhaji, Poltak, Budi Wijarjo, Andi Nurpati, and many more.

Perludem’s main core is advocacy. Perludem conducts several activities which are:

a. Assessment: reviewing legislation, mechanisms and procedures of the election assessing the implementation of the election mapping the strengths and weaknesses of Pemilu regulations describes the advantages and disadvantages of the election; propose recommendations for improvements and regulatory systems; etc;

b. Training: participation in an effort to improve understanding of electoral stakeholders about the philosophy of the election; increase understanding of community leaders on the importance of public participation in the election; improving the knowledge and skills of the officers of the election; improving the knowledge and skills of election observers; etc;

c. Monitoring: monitoring the implementation of the election; participating in monitoring the election organisers to work in accordance with the existing regulation; record and report abuses and electoral disputes; and many more.



Intern Duties (Example)

– Researching the electoral finance laws of Indonesia in comparison to those in Australia;
– Researching on how Indonesia can increase voter participation based on its current electoral law;

Other duties:
– Brainstorming ideas for a social media advertisement that Perludem will develop, encouraging voter turnout;
– Assisting the organisation with editing and reviewing organisation’s English publications;

Work Hours

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Dress Code

Casual (e.g. Polo/t-shirt, jeans, cargo shorts, sports shoes)


Perkumpulan untuk Pemilu dan Demokrasi (Perludem)
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