About PPMK

Pemberdayaan Perempuan Memerangi Kemiskinan (PPMK) stands for Empowering Women to Fight Poverty. PPMK is a non-profit, microcredit organisation that provides loans to disadvantaged women in Bantul, Jogjakarta, Indonesia. PPMK was initially established as a relief project after the 2006 Earthquake hit Bantul, killing 6,000 people and destroying more than 20,000 homes. However, over the years the focus of the organisation has shifted from relief work to more long-term poverty reduction and women’s empowerment.

In 2009 PPMK was restructured into a microcredit organisation. Today PPMK’s main activity is providing small loans (usually less than three hundred dollars) to underprivileged women in Bantul. Currently PPMK has over 270 active clients who are managed by a team of 5 fulltime staff. PPMK staff have close relationships with all our clients and their families as we meet with them directly at least once a month.
PPMK also undertakes charitable projects such as building bathrooms for families who do not have these facilities (and are usually relieving and bathing themselves in contaminated streams), providing food parcels to the elderly, providing emergency loans for medical treatment, school fees and other issues assessed case-by-case, as well as teaching English to children from low-income families.


  • Highly Adaptable;
  • Bahasa Indonesia skill is desirable.

Intern Duties (Example)

  • Assisting with current or new project design and implementation;
  • Research assistance and data collection;
  • Editing and management of visual archives;
  • Placement on teams for project design and/or project monitoring excerise;
  • Developing English curriculum & teaching English to children in the village.

Work Hours



Jl. Imogiri Barat – Manding, Dusun Pule, Sumberagung, Jetis, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia