About PSHK

PSHK was established in 1998, working on research and advocacy focused on facilitating socially responsible lawmaking in Indonesia. As an organisation, PSHK has four core values:

  1. Progressive thinking people
  2. Socially responsible organisations
  3. Hub for learning
  4. Knowledge-based action

PSHK works in two main areas, which are parliamentary and judiciary reform.

In parliamentary reform, PSHK has three activities, namely legislative monitoring, legislative assessment, and legislative drafting.

Legislative monitoring is conducted by attending meetings, collecting data, and preparing notes on the lawmaking process by parliament. These documents are free to access and can be found on our parliament watch portal parlemen.net and on our Twitter account @pantauDPR. Most of the documents can be downloaded by the public to encourage engagement and narrow the legislation information gap between parliament and the public.

Legislative assessment is conducted by publishing annual comprehensive reports on the legislative performance of parliament. These assessments are done at the end of each year and each parliamentary working period. PSHK has presented their legislative assessment in a various way, including via books, infographics, and videos.

Legislative drafting is conducted via training. Based on previous experiences, PSHK develops a legislative drafting training manual that is utilised in a series of training sessions held at both local and national levels.

In judicial reform, PSHK has provided assistance to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia for their agenda. This includes creating the blueprint on Indonesian Supreme Court Reform, the blueprints to Establish the Anti-Corruption Court, Judiciary website assessment, and assessing the standard of court’s services based on user’s satisfaction. Recently, PSHK has provided assistance to the Supreme Court as part of the drafting team for Supreme Court Regulation on procedures on the handling of the Smalls Claim Court, and also on Supreme Court Regulations on Procedures in Handling Traffic Violations.

After 19 years, PSHK co-founded Hukumonline.com, publishes the law journal JENTERA, manages the Daniel S. Lev Law Library, and established Indonesia Jentera School of Law.


  • Good skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English.
  • Interest in legal reform issues.

Intern Duties (Example)

  • Doing legal research, translating documents (weekly digest, press release, report, etc.), and legislative monitoring;
  • Helping with the language classes at a connect law school Jentera;
  • Being involved in every discussions and meetings.

Work Hours

PSHK work hours regularly start from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (Indonesia Western Standard Time/IWST).

Dress Code

We are frequently conducting visits to or meeting with people from the courts, parliament house or government’s office that require semi-formal attire. However, wearing casual attire is also acceptable in daily working activities.


Puri Imperium Office Plaza, Unit G-9
Jalan Kuningan Madya Kav. 5-6
Jakarta Selatan, 12980