About Filantropi Indonesia

Filantropi Indonesia (FI) is an independent and non-profit organization, established to advance philanthropy in Indonesia in order to contribute to the achievement of social justice and sustainable development.

Filantropi Indonesia is an association of memberships and networks whose purpose is to:

  1. To be a social medium and consultancy support for philanthropists in identifying and addressing social, humanitarian, and environmental problems in Indonesia.
  2. To foster the characteristics and principles of, and enthusiasm for, philanthropy and generosity within individuals and groups in Indonesian society through media and other mediums.
  3. Enhance trust and solidarity in order to stimulate partnerships between philanthropic organizations in Indonesia.
  4. To act as a trusted partner of the government and private sector in delivering the country’s social, humanity, and environmental services.


Jl. Gunung Sahari VI No.38 RT 007/ RW 005,
Kel. Gunung Sahari Utara, Kec. Sawah Besar,
Jakarta Pusat 10720, Indonesia

Tel : (021) 6287454
E-mail : info@filantropi.or.id