Yayasan Kajian Ekologi dan Konservasi Lahan Basah or Ecological Observation and Wetlands Conservation (Ecoton) was established in 1996 as a Biology Study Program wetland conservation group in UNAIR and was incorporated in 2000, due to a sense of concern for environmental problems in East Java, especially in Surabaya River. Lots of river pollution that looks real but there is no action. Therefore ECOTON is present to restore the river environment so that it is not more polluted.

ECOTON Vision:

Realization of biodiversity sustainability and environmental functions for humans, through equitable and participatory river ecosystem and wetland management.

ECOTON invites the public to be actively involved in preserving and restoring the river ecosystem through activities:

  1. Scientific study with participatory methods.
  2. Education of young people and schools to be part of environmental solutions.
  3. Growth communities that protect and preserve rivers and water sources.
  4. Encouraging policy changes so that they are pro-management of river ecosystems that are equitable between generations. The main activity focuses on efforts to restore and preserve Kali Brantas.



  1. Care about river issues and other environmental issues
  2. High voluntary spirit
  3. Have interest in the fields of Research, Education, Advocacy, and Environmental Damage Recovery


Intern Duties (Example)

  • Assisting with current or new project design and implementation
  • Research assistance and data collection
  • Placement on teams for project design and/or project monitoring excerises
  • Analysis of area surrounding Brantas river and creating online survey
  • Collection of waste management details in Australia

Work Hours

Flexible Hours


Dusun Krajan, Desa Wringinanom, RT.01 RW.05, Kecamatan Wringinanom, Kabupaten Gresik. 61176. Jawa Timur. Indonesia

Student Profile

Sophie Dawson was a participant in the 2021 Virtual Development Studies Professional Practicum from Deakin University.

Sophie is currently undertaking postgraduate studies.

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