About Angsamerah Institution

Angsamerah Institution is a private organisation established in 2007 by Dr. Nurlan Silitonga. The institution, consisting of a wide network of Indonesian and international medical experts and specialists highly experienced in their respective fields (public health, research, technical assistance, teaching and mentoring), primarily works towards improving the Indonesian health care system by providing public health consulting, creating innovative models for delivering services and training health care professionals.

Angsamerah Institution designs and manages public health projects, develops innovative and tangible concepts and models for delivering health care for program developments or business investments through specific technical and strategic inputs. We provide training’s on reproductive and sexual health including HIV and other sexually transmitted infections to health care professionals, as well as on setting up and managing medical practices and improving skills about strategic thinking and interpersonal communication. We also provide in-house doctors for companies eager to dispense more accessible medical services to their employees.

As part of Angsamerah Institution’s services, a foundation was created to promote the development of more affordable clinics while maintaining the same level of services and competency as the main Angsamerah Clinic. Angsamerah Foundation is working on a variety of internationally funded projects to help improve access to health care services throughout Indonesia. Such projects saw the creation in 2013 of a satellite clinic in South Jakarta, Klinik Yayasan Angsamerah, thanks to a partnership with USAID-SUMII and the contribution from other partners such as COFRA Foundation and the Indonesian Ministry of Health.


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