Sembilan Matahari

About Sembilan Matahari

We are Sembilan Matahari, a cross -disciplined studio founded back in 2007. Based in Bandung, the capital city of West Java, where many creative industry enthusiasts have successfully arise from Indonesia. The team of Sembilan Matahari consists of animators, VFX artists, architects, programmers, scientist, engineers, musicians, sound designer, illustrators, graphic and user interface designers, writer, art director and filmmakers.


Sembilan Matahari believes the bright future of our new media scene relies on our efforts to challenge our own curiosity. Curiosity drives us through innovations which break through boundaries and discover the infinite possibilities of the world. By such faith, Sembilan Matahari sees phenomena through the eyes of design and emerge ideas through design thinking. Sembilan Matahari believes we can change the world by design.

Knowledge sharing and case experimenting with people from various backgrounds/disciplines are some of the effort to achieve so. This pulls us not to merely see design process as creating an eye-candy or cool amusement, but also bringing it to the core of producing innovative yet always understanding and contextual work. As an integrated art, science, and technology approach, it is expected to act as an agent of change, a change that brings out inspirations and positive impacts to the community.


Sembilan Matahari collaborates with amazing talents around the globe coming from various backgrounds to create bold, innovative, experiential and inspiring works that made up not only the commercial portfolio but also our international award -winning portfolio.

  • Grand Prize for the 1 minute projection mapping
    Zushi Media Art Festival
  • “Kriyasana” 1st winner classic category Video Mapping International Light
    Festival Art Vision contest

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Student’s CV and portfolio.

Intern Duties

The intern will help our works in the techno division, that needs someone who understands the processing program and then connects the Kinect to the interactive installation.

Work Hours

The interns work from 11 am to 6 pm.

Office Attire

Casual (e.g. Polo/t-shirt, jeans, cargo shorts, sports shoes or sandals).


Jl. Muararajeun no. 26
40122 Bandung

Constellation Neverland 1.0

BTS Video Mapping Asian African Conference 60th