About SEMATA Gallery

SEMATA Gallery presents children’s art center by developing interactive projects, activities and publications for children. Through collaboration with artists, SEMATA Gallery helps children engage with contemporary cultures and experience the many ways artists approach their work. Children would interact as artists when they grow up; whether this is being a painting artist, a teaching artist, a politician artist, a doctor artist, or a policeman artist. Always with the spirit of an artist!

SEMATA Gallery for Kids was initiated by Wilman Hermana and Suniaty. As an Indonesia young sculptor, Wilman who enrolled in the Department of Fine Arts at the Bandung Institute of Technology in 2002 and graduated in 2007, has produced some monumental sculptures in Bandung and around. From 2003 until now, he has had several solo and group exhibitions. In 2008 he received awards as the finalist for Indonesia Art Award (IAA), in National Gallery, in Jakarta, Top Five of The Best Visual Art “After 20th May”, Jogja Gallery in Jogjakarta, and Second Runner Up for Photography of Japan, Japan Foundation in Jakarta. In the same year he had the great opportunity to become a lecturer  at the Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) and the National Institute of Technology (ITENAS). He increases the student’s senses and intuition by teaching “Nirmana 3 dimensional” as the foundation of exploring form and material.

Programs and activities

SEMATA Gallery presents an art space for children, youth and families especially developed art program in workshop, exhibition, and art tour.

Workshop – class & little Studio

Creativity is something all children have, it is not a special talent that is reserved for a gifted minority. SEMATA Gallery provides class demonstration to encourage children to explore and discover the fresh, creative, and imaginative ways.

  • Children have the opportunity to learn to create, experience and understand art by drawing, painting, print-making, construction, textiles, clay-modelling, art performance etc.
  • The best way to learn art is though use, to become immersed in it, to learn through trial and error.
  • In the classroom, children are provided with various art materials in workshop conditions,  free to experiment and take risks.
  • The expression of ideas – the created object – is the first priority.
  • Artistic concepts and techniques are then developed through regular use.

Exhibition – appreciate & inspire

Children love to see their work on display. It enables them to see what they have said or done. Children need to see that their work – ‘What I have said or done’ – has been accepted by other as something of value. By displaying their work in exhibition where it will be seen by people, their feeling of self-satisfaction will grow. They learn to appreciate theirs and others. The other way, their work would give inspiration to others.

Art tour

SEMATA Gallery also presents an annual touring program throughout regional Bandung. Visit the studios of local artists, galleries, factories, potteries, and exhibitions help make children aware of the complex process involved in making a final product in any area of art.



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Boscha III No. 147, Cipaganti
Bandung, Indonesia

Student Profiles

Emilie Monty is a participant in the 2018 Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum from The University of Western Australia.

Emilie is studying a Bachelor of Design.

She received a $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to support her participation in this program. Read more here.