About Omnispace

Established on 16 April 2015, Omnispace is a space, organization and collective that embodies art and alternative activities to support young culture scene in Bandung.

“Omni” is an abbreviation of OMUNIUUM, a record, band/musician merchandise and book store where Omnispace is located. Currently OMUNIUUM known as a space that actively supports music scene in Bandung.

“Omni” also refers to a Latin prefix meaning “all” or “every”. Omnispace seeks to be an alternative space that is open to all creative actors creative without medium, ideas and practice limitation.

Omnispace aims to discover and explore new possibilities in art and creative practices. Omnispace also collects and to initiate a variety of programs/activities that benefit the public at large. As a collective managed by some members with different backgrounds, Omnispace becomes a liquid space to exchange ideas and share knowledge. Omnispace has also established networking and opened cooperation with similar organization or space on the national and international scope.


  • CV
  • Recent Artworks Portfolio
  • Student/Artist are required to write a proposal for their own project during the internship at Omni Space.

Intern Duties

  • Arrange and organise your own public presentation or mini exhibition for art communities in Bandung
  • Coordinate resources and maintain information for research
  • Coordinate events and exhibits

Work Hours

Monday to Friday, 12 pm to 7pm (some projects may include travels, weekend or afternoon events)