About Lanting Animation

Lanting Animation is a professional collective that focuses on the production of two-dimensional animation, stop-motion, illustration, graphic design, music and sound, and IP (Intellectual Property).

In order to offer professionals to share knowledge both internally and externally and cultivate expertise in creating works benefitting each other,Firman Widyasmara initiated a joint working space and founded Lanting Animation in 2007 in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta.

We have experiences in creating content across media platforms from short films, ideas, scripts, artworks, commercials, beautiful sound/music, printed materials as well as giving workshops on traditional/digital animation, flipbooks, and creative activities on live events.

Starting off as a quite large community, Lanting Animation is now a small team consisting of three professionals, namely animator illustrator, fine art artist and sound engineer, and producer-director and managerial.

Lanting Animation: Make the impossible, possible.


  • Basic knowledge of animation, digital 2D animation, motion graphics, passion in stopmotion.

Intern Duties

  • Participating in studio projects; making animations, illustration, artworks and studio activities.

Work Hours

Monday to Friday 10 AM to 6 PM (8 hours)

Office Attire

Casual (e.g. Polo/t-shirt, jeans, cargo shorts, sports shoes or sandals)


Jalan Tirta 2 No.4 Rt.009/013 Duren Sawit – Jakarta Timur 13440 DKI Jakarta

IG id: lantinganimation
Twitter id: studiolanting

Student Profiles

Denby Smith is a participant in the 2018 Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum from RMIT University.

Denby is studying a Bachelor of Design majoring in Digital Media.

He received a $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to support their participation in this program. Read more here.

Sylvestre Lattao is a participant in the 2017 Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum from the University of New South Wales.

Sylvestre is studying a Bachelor of Design (Digital Media).

He received a $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to support his participation in this program. Read more here.