About EngageMedia

EngageMedia is a not-for-profit Video for Change organisation that began in March 2005. The organisation focuses on creating social change through the distribution of human rights and environmental video, media and technology capacity building, research, network development and digital rights advocacy.

EngageMedia specialises in: video database technology, video production and distribution, video maker networking, digital security, internet security research.


Student has an interest on social justice and environmental change.

Intern Duties

Collecting and curating content, assisting with workshops, translation, copy editing and writing, video editing (if they have those skills), media production

Work Hours

Monday to Friday, 8 hours per day, 9 AM – 6 PM with a 1-hour lunch break

Office Attire

Casual (e.g. Polo/t-shirt, jeans, cargo shorts, sports shoes or sandals)


EngageMedia Yogyakarta Office

Student Profiles

Jessica Long was a participant in the 2018 Creative Arts and Design Professional Practicum from the University of New South Wales.

Jessica is studying a Bachelor of Media Arts (Honors) majoring in Film and Photography.

She received a $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to support her participation in this program. Read more here.