About Endeavor

In a nutshell, Endeavor is a network that supports scale-up entrepreneurs multiply their impact because it mobilizes best-in-class tools and platforms worldwide to enable these entrepreneurs accelerate their success.


Endeavour is a networking organization for, by and from entrepreneurs with a mission to lead the global movement towards accelerating long-term economic growth. We achieve our mission by selecting, mentoring, and promoting the growth of the best High-Impact Entrepreneurs. Endeavor assists entrepreneurs in overcoming growth challenges by providing key ingredients to entrepreneurial success: mentorship, network, strategic advices, talents, skills, access towards smart capital, and inspiration. With Endeavor’s assistance, these entrepreneurs will contribute in establishing a sustainable economy, creating new job opportunities, becoming role models, and fostering the entrepreneurship ecosystem that will promote investment and encourage individuals to “think big”.

Currently, Endeavor operates in 25 emerging and growth market around the world. Endeavor Indonesia itself was established in early 2012 to build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia through High-Impact Entrepreneurship. High-Impact Entrepreneurs benefit their society beyond creating jobs and economic wealth and we believe that a small group of them can create a virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship, which in the long run will lead to a sustainable economic development of Indonesia.

Endeavor selects and supports the kinds of entrepreneurs who would build great companies and serve as role models for Indonesia’s future generations, and provides them access to best-in class tools, knowledge and network to help them scale-up.

The Indonesia office is well on its way, with a pipeline of young talents, a strong portfolio of mentors, and a dynamic team of committed individuals ready to serve at the forefront of Indonesia’s growing entrepreneurship space.

Endeavor Indonesia’s Board of Directors comprises Indonesian business leaders, who provide financial and strategic support and also serve as mentors for entrepreneurs in the network.


  • Interest in entrepreneurship & communication
  • Strong background in illustration and/ or animation
  • Able to provide CV & recent artworks + portfolio
  • Initiative, goal driven, adaptable, and can have fun in any situation – because as you know, entrepreneurship is a very unique & uncertain environment.

Intern Duties

Endeavour will accept 2 or three students with different backgrounds and ask them to work together as a team. Interns will be working in a Communication and Outreach division. The goal of this division to better understand how Endeavor works and craft this information into an easy-to-digest version through animation & infographic. Check out a glimpse about Endeavor & our selection process in video: The Endeavor Entrepreneur Experience, The Magic of Endeavor & Journey of Mini Entrepreneur.

Work Hours

9AM – 5PM weekdays


Citylofts Sudirman 7th floor unit 719
Jl. KH Mas Mansyur
Jakarta 10220

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