ARCOLABS mission is to enhance creativity and innovation within and beyond the university through a variety of practice based programs including visual art exhibitions, community development projects, hands-on workshops, student research, and other events. By providing an innovative and multicultural environment for advanced and quality research, ARCOLABS seeks to promote both interdisciplinary interaction and international exchange between artists, theorists, practitioners, and scholars.

ARCOLABS specializes in curatorial, exhibition, art management and research, education, community development.


  • Students interested in arts management
  • Students who take on responsibility for the given task and show willingness to learn new skills
  • Students who respect different cultures

Intern duties
Assisting in exhibition and public programs (workshop, video screening, artist talk, etc), PR content writing, social media (details to be confirmed upon arrival)

Work Hours
Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm (some project may include travel and to be confirmed)

Jalan Terogong Raya No. 36 J
Cilandak Barat
Jakarta Selatan