About Ace House Collective

Ace House Collective is an artists’ collective that works with communities and their networks in running a space as a youth art and culture laboratory. Established in 2011 on self-funding, this community strives to support and develop the potential and the contribution to the latest art practices by providing platform for productions, dialogues, and collaborations through assembly forums and exchanges, both local and international.



Art Management, Curatorial, Exhibition Designer


Intern Duties

  • Assisting with Gallery and events management,
  • Assisting in the preparation of funding applications and grant proposals,
  • Media, website and communication strategy assistance,
  • Content writing, proof-reading and translating documents.

Work Hours

Monday – Saturday (1pm – 7pm)


Office Attire

Casual (e.g. Polo/t-shirt, jeans, cargo shorts, sport shoes or sandals)



Jalan Mangkuyudan No.41 Yogyakarta 55142


Social Media

Facebook: Ace House Collective

IG: @acehousecollective