About Yayasan Rumah Energi

Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE) was established in 2012 to give a response to the need for better access to affordable food and energy and to address unsustainable use of fossil fuels and the impact of climate change, helping people to get a better grip on their natural resources.

A professional and dedicated team of 50 staff members working in 10 provinces of Indonesia is providing supervision and guidance to over 80 partner organizations working towards the same goal: developing and promoting renewable energy as a solution for enhanced food and energy security.

In the limited time span of its 2-years existence Yayasan Rumah Energi has proven its reliability towards its donors, stakeholders and beneficiaries and it has become an accepted partner of the Indonesian government and various donors in addressing energy access issues. Satisfaction rates of beneficiaries are high as proven by the annual external surveys and the strong monitoring and evaluation systems of the organization provide high levels of accountability to donors, government, beneficiaries and other stakeholders. The main ambition of YRE is to become a key actor in the development of the renewable energy sector of Indonesia.

BIRU (Biogas Rumah) Programme

The Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme is an initiative of Hivos and SNV. Closely working with the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the programme is implemented by Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE) with funds made available by EnDev (Energising Development), the Norwegian Embassy and partners in promoting access to a modern and sustainable form of renewable energy for rural people.

The Indonesian Domestic Biogas Programme (IDBP) is in Indonesia better known as the BIRU programme; an acronym of Biogas Rumah, or ‘biogas for the home’. BIRU aims to promote the use of biodigesters as a local, sustainable, energy source by developing the market while working towards the development of a commercial, market-oriented sector, leading to the creation of jobs

Started in May 2009 with financial support from the Netherlands Embassy and as of December 2016, has built more than twenty biogas digesters in ten provinces in Indonesia.


  • Interested in Renewable Energy, sustainable agriculture and environment .
  • Like writing, multimedia and photography
  • Ready to learn biogas construction
  • Willing to travel to project sites and other provinces.

Intern Duties (Example)

  • Learning about program activities both in biogas construction and bio slurry for agriculture
  • Involved in quality control activities
  • Promoting the program by writing reports, success stories etc for its website

Work Hours

8am – 5pm


Jl. Pejaten Barat No.30A,
RT.1, Ragunan, Ps. Minggu, DKI Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12550