About PRIME Consultancy

PRIME Consultancy is a management consulting specialist based in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital and most important economic center. Since our incorporation in January 2011, we are focusing our services on Market Entry Support and Management Advisory as well as Corporate Finance Solutions including Export Credit Agency Financing and Renewable Energy Finance Advisory and last but not least Human Resources Services, specifically Recruitment.

Volker Bromund and Jochen Sautter established PRIME Consultancy reflecting on the high degree of interest paid towards doing business in Indonesia. Nevertheless of such ambitions, at the same time many entrepreneurs are struggling about the complexity of market entry situations. This leads many times to failures and frustration in landing actually good businesses of international companies.  Therefore, PRIME Consultancy is serving its clients in order to master the entry into Indonesian industries effectively and efficiently towards success. Our profound knowledge of the Indonesian economy and local excellent networks in politics and society are a solid basis to support foreign investors especially when undergoing market entry in Indonesia.

PRIME Consultancy cooperates with Strategic Partners in certain key areas while we are hosting businesses in form of Company Representations. Please click on the logos in the above banner for obtaining further information about those companies.

Human Resource Services

PRIME Consultancy offers recruitment services based on extended management experience. We typically recruit at senior and executive level positions for our clients and are able to serve a wide range of industry sectors. The founders of PRIME Consultancy are frequently contacted on recruitment topics due to their expertise grown over about 20 years living and working in Indonesia.

Corporate Finance Solution

The founder of PRIME Consultancy, Volker Bromund, has been the Head of Corporate Banking at Deutsche Bank in Indonesia for over a decade. With this experience he has excellent insight into the financing world and valuable business contact to major regulators and can offer a wide range of tailored finance solutions.

Market Entry Support

Entering Indonesian markets can be challenging for companies from around the world. The Indonesian business climate is still complex despite many reforms that have been undertaken over the last few years. Even internationally experienced companies will only prosper if they have a persevering business manner, forward-thinking investment plans and the necessary balance of global capability and regional adaptability.

Renewable Energy Financing and Sustainable Finance Advisory

Since 3 years one of the focus areas of Volker Bromund is the advisory and development of financing solutions for investments in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.


  • Business administration, Economics, Financial background
  • Fluent English, Bahasa Indonesia is a pre
  • Team player
  • Communication skills

Intern Duties (Example)

  •  Team member of research projects on different topics
  •  Attend business meetings
  • Attend network events
  •  Assist the management on consultancy topics
  •  Analyze data and provide feedback

Work Hours

9am – 5pm or 40 hours/week


PRIME Consultancy provides work space + computer with Wi-Fi

Room to involve the participant in all the normal activities of the work environment (as appropriate to the participant’s level of experience and skill)


Office is located in Alamanda Tower, South Jakarta which is easy to reach. There are many accommodations in the area where students can live for a reasonable price.