About Kiroyan Partners

Kiroyan Partners is a strategic communications and public affairs firm established in 2006 by Noke Kiroyan. The firm offers a comprehensive and multi-disciplinal approach to social and political issues faced by companies in an increasingly complex society. Our firm assists clients in planning and managing communications and engagement strategies to obtain and maintain stakeholder support or enhance (in some cases restore) reputation in today’s dynamic and ever-changing global environment.

Our core expertise is in strategy and planning of stakeholder engagement (including government and community relations), corporate communications, media relations and PR campaigns based on assessments such as stakeholder analysis, social and political analysis, social risk assessments, communication audits etc. We also provide technical assistance, advisory services, trainings, supervision as well as monitoring and evaluation to our clients.

Kiroyan Partners’ analytical approach is founded on stakeholder management, political economy and communication theory, combined with a thorough understanding of the political, social and business contexts of Indonesia. Kiroyan Partners brings together a diverse team of experts and specialists, well-versed in domestic social and political dynamics, including experience and knowledge of the Indonesian government and the media. The Kiroyan Partners team of consultants is composed of individuals from various academic and professional backgrounds, such as corporate executives, communication professionals, social scientists, former NGO workers and former civil servants.

In providing its services, Kiroyan Partners strongly believe that reputation is the result of good performance and communication. Both are equally needed and are critical elements to build reputation. Great communication that cannot be backed up with actual performance will be perceived by stakeholders as “greenwashing” or “spinning”. Meanwhile, great performance and behaviour can hardly increase one’s reputation without being properly communicated to key stakeholders. This simple but powerful formula is a guiding principle in all our consulting projects.

Kiroyan Partners’ scope of services reflects that principle. We offer assessment services, we help clients develop strategies, and we assist during the implementation phase to help clients improve their performance in terms of engaging with their stakeholders. Our team also provides public relations and public affairs services, such as planning and executing effective media relations strategies, carrying out government relations efforts, monitoring issues to anticipate crises or helping clients overcome crisis situations.


Interested interns should have an academic background in social sciences, communication, economics or business. They should also be passionate about business and politics, business and society issues, the complex relationship between corporations and sustainable development, or media and communication studies. Capability of coherent thinking in understanding and resolving social and communication problems is a plus.

Intern Duties (Example)

Interns at Kiroyan Partners will have the opportunity to fully get involved in projects. They will work with the consulting team and assist as required, such as to help carry out desk research and document reviews, prepare analyses and reports, monitor and analyze socio-political issues, write and edit reports or proposals, help organize and implement engagement activities etc.

Work Hours



Menara karya, 10th Floor, Suites G-H
Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Blok X, Kav 1-2, Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12950

Student Profile

Douglas Robertson was a participant in the 2020 Business Professional Practicum from Curtin University.

Douglas is studying a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce.

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