About Jack’s Labs

Jack’s is a software company that provides consulting, software, and application development services to individuals, companies, and government. Founded in 2013, Jack’s has a simple aim – solving the most challenging business and engineering problems for their clients, by conceiving and building the best software.

The rise of cloud and mobile computing means that companies have to rethink every aspect of their business before fast-moving competitors do it for them. Jack’s engineers work alongside their focused product strategists and experienced designers to transform complex business problems into elegant, scalable software, mobile, and database solutions.

Jack’s can help to transform their business with cloud-native software solutions, mobile applications and streamlined databases. Operating at the intersection of lean product development, user centric design, and engineering excellence, they build progressive, scalable, value-driven software applications that solve serious problems.

Headquartered in Perth, they maintain a full-service office in Jakarta, Indonesia – home to South East Asia’s largest technology sector.

Their work is managed and built in-house in their Perth and Jakarta offices by their team of engineers. Their product is engineering, and so an inherent requirement for their operations is that they find, hire, and foster the best engineers, in-house, always.


Jack’s Labs requires students with the academics background form computer science, math, economics, finance or politics (but not with marketing students). Also, someone who has coding ability will be beneficial.

Intern Duties


Working Hours

Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


The Broadway Kemang, Jl. Benda, No. 46F, Cilandak Timur, Pasar Minggu,
Jakarta Selatan 12560