University ACICIS Study Indonesia Liaison Person
Name: Mr Cameron Bellach
Position: Executive Officer – Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International & Development)

ACICIS Study Abroad Liaison Person for Semester Programs
Name: Mr Simon Watson
Position: Manager, International Mobility and Services

ACICIS Study Abroad Liaison Person for Short-Term Programs
Name: Ms Danielle Kowaliw
Position: Partnerships and Development Officer, UTS International

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Semester Abroad Programs

International Relations Program(IRP)

Indonesian Business Law and Society(IBLS)

Name: Professor Lesley Harbon
Position: Head of School, School of International Studies

Degree:  Bachelor of Global Studies

Credit points: 24 Credit Points available for these programs for more details please click here.

Semester Programs:
Students must apply to UTS: International prior to applying to ACICIS.

Application dates are:
For Semester 1 (Jan-Jun): 3 July (previous year)
For Semester 2 (Jul-Dec): 16 November (previous year)

Summer Abroad Programs

Law Professional Practicum (LPP)

Name: A/Prof Beth Goldblatt
Position: Associate Professor (Faculty of Law)

Name: Ms Maxine Evers
Position: Associate Dean (Education)

Degree: Bachelor of Law

Credit Points: 76098 International Legal Internship (6 Credit Points)

Business Professional Practicum (BPP)

Name: Professor Roy Green
Position: Dean (UTS Business School)

Creative Arts & Design Professional Practicum (CADPP)

Name: Ms Danielle Kowaliw
Position: Partnerships and Development Officer, UTS International

Sustainable Tourism Professional Practicum

Name: Dr David Beirman
Position: Senior Lecturer, Management Discipline Group

Degree: Bachelor of Management

Credit Points: 21636 Developing Sustainable Destinations (6 Credit Points)

Intensives & Tours

Public Health Study Tour (PHST)

Health Studies students see:
Name: Dr Kristen Beek
Position: Lecturer, Public Health

Degree: Bachelor of Health Science

Credit Points: 92579 Professional Placement (6 Credit Points)

Global studies students see:
Name: Dr Ann El Khoury
Position: coordinator of the Global Studies degree

Degree: Bachelor of International Studies

Credit Points: 97900 International Internship (8 Credit Points)

ACICIS @ Your University

For more information on ACICIS programs at your university, see the following links:

Short-term Programs:
Students must apply to ACICIS directly.