University ACICIS Study Indonesia Liaison Person:

Name: Dr Annie Pohlman
Position: Senior Lecturer (School of Languages & Comparative Cultural Studies)

ACICIS Study Abroad Liaison Person

Name: Ms Jan McCreary
Position: Manager (UQ Abroad)






Short-Term Programs
Name: Ms Ettenyl Parinas
Position: Global Experience Adviser: Short-Term Global Experiences

Semester Programs
Name: Ms Weiya Huang
Position: Global Experiences Adviser: Asia

Application Guidelines

For more information on how to apply to an ACICIS program, see the following links:

Need help with University Approval?

Semester Abroad Programs

If you are interested in studying with ACICIS for a semester, first register your interest with ACICIS (

Please read through the guideline for applying for a semester program through UQ (Applying for exchange through UQ).

Learn more about funding options through UQ (UQ Exchange Funding)

Keep in mind these important application deadlines:

Semester 1 Semester 2
UQ Application: May 1 (year prior) UQ Application: October 31 (year prior)
ACICIS Application: September 1 (same year) ACICIS Application: March 15 (FLIP, DSIP) or April 15 (IRP, IBLS, ILTI) (same year)

Summer and Winter Programs

Please read through the Application Guideline for applying for an ACICIS short-term program through UQ (Application Guideline)

To apply for an ACICIS short-term program through UQ, click here: (short-term experiences)

Credit Options: at least 2 units – general electives

Keep in mind these short-term application deadlines:

Winter Programs:

Public Health Study Tour 1-Apr 10-Mar
Indonesian Language Short Course 1-Apr 10-Mar


Summer Programs:

Public Health study Tour* 25-Aug 10-Sep
Professional Practica* First round: 1 July 10-Sep
Second round: 1 Sept
Indonesian Language Short Course 1-Oct 10-Sep


ACICIS @ Your University

ACICIS Alumni @ Your University

Are you a University of Queensland student currently considering an ACICIS program? Would you like to find out more about life in Indonesia? Below is a list of ACICIS Alumni who can provide information about their experiences in Indonesia on ACICIS. Please feel free to contact them.